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Vend Success Story: 2B Planted

We love working with our amazing stores at VEND. We have so many outstanding small business success stories! Here is our latest outstanding shop, 2B Planted!

Beata and Brett from 2B Planted have been a part of VEND since we opened in September 2018. They have continued to grow their amazing business and customer base. Beata constantly works hard on brining in new products and customers to her shop and is always creating an inviting space for her customers.

2B Planted Plant and Planters Brisbane
2B Planted Plant and Planters Brisbane

1. What is VEND to you?

We love being a part of the Vend team, mainly because it suits our current situation and lifestyle. I can work from home and be available to my 3 young kids while running a small business and having a retail outlet at Vend. It provides us with the opportunity to display new designs and gain valuable feedback from our customers. Even though Vend is open 7 days a week, we don’t have to be there to open and close the doors, the centralised payment system and wonderful staff make running a business simple. We are grateful for this opportunity.

2. How has your business grown whilst at VEND?

2B Planted started 3 years ago when we were occasionally selling our plants and handmade planters at local markets. It was just for fun and I never thought that selling plants and dried flowers will be my main gig. Vend definitely made it possible for us and allowed us to grow our business and client base. VEND’s Café is a popular destination and we are definitely making most of the large volume of people walking past our shop. I see everyone as my potential customer; I just need to grab their attention.

3. Why do you think your VEND shop has been so successful?

Well, thank you for calling our shop successful. We put a lot of work into it – not just by constantly creating new lines, but also by making sure that our shop is always well presented, clean and full of healthy plants.
With my background in floristry and retail, I understand the importance of visual merchandising and creating a pleasant ambience for our visitors.

2B Planted Plant and Planters Brisbane
2B Planted Plant and Dried Flowers

4. How do you continue to grow your business and sales?

Social media plays a big part. I feel it’s a great platform for communicating with our existing and new customers whilst promoting our business for free. Another contributing factor is constantly bringing in new and exciting products and introducing new designs. We review our fortnightly reports carefully to see what sells best which helps us to understand our ideal customer and their demands.

5. What would be the advice that you would give other businesses that would like to have their own shop at VEND?

Make sure you have some presence on Social media and your branding sorted. Post regularly on Facebook/Instagram and use quality images. Don’t just “sell” on social, try to show your “human side” too.

Before you open your shop, decide on a theme and style, and stick with it. Group your products to create “a visual story” and eye-catching display. Keep your shop clean, tidy and full.
And lastly, give it a go. VEND provides an awesome opportunity to have a retail outlet without needing to be there every day and worrying about staff and other day-to-day requirements of running a business.

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