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Your Own Shop

VEND is a shared retail space for small businesses. VEND shops spaces allow business owners to have their very own shop without having to be there 7 days a week to man it.

If you would like to have your very own shop without all the expensive upfront and ongoing costs download our information pack and complete the inline application form.

Please read through the Shop Space Information below and our Application Criteria before completing the application form.

We have outlined all the information you will need to; help you decide whether you are ready for a shop at VEND and how to get the most out of your application so it can be a success!

We offer various sized shops at VEND to suit all businesses needs. We also off beginner cabinet and table spaces for small businesses starting out.

Vend Marketplace Store
Vend Marketplace Store
Vend Marketplace Store


  • Vendors are to set up their own shop to best suit their business and branding
  • Shops must be designed and presented in a professional and creative manner
  • Vendors are free to paint walls, hang fixtures and shelving to best suit merchandising and put flooring down


All of our shop spaces are always full and we currently have a waiting list of approved applicants to have a shop with us. If you are flexible with the size shop you can work with that will make the process of having an available shop for you quicker.

Things to think about when deciding on what size shop would best suit your business

  • More space = more room for products and profits
  • If you have larger items than a bigger shop would be more appropriate
  • If you have smaller items a smaller space may be for you. But make sure you are ustilising all the space to fit as many items in as possible. More products = more sales.

The great thing about VEND is you can always up size and down size depending on what will best suit you business!

Prices are per week and a 15% commission on sales is taken from products so include this in your pricing.


  • No outgoings! VEND covers electricity, stationary, wrapping, eftpos fees, POS fees,  staffing, commercial building maintenance and corporate fees
  • All new shops are advertised on social media platforms when they are moved in
  • All shops are included on our website with links to your social media sites, your website  and your contact details are also included
  • You have access to free business development coaching from management. These one on one  meetings help with visual merchandising, increasing average dollar sale, social media  presence and more
  • You have access to our workshop space to utilise as a workspace or to run your own workshops  as an extra form of income
  • The ability to grow into a larger shop within this amazing community

PRICE LIST (per week)

Cabinet/table space – $70

1x2m Shop – $100

2x2m Shop – $160

2x3m Shop – $230

2x4m Shop – $280

3x3m Shop – $300

6x3m Shop – $400

Vendor Testimonials

“The great thing about Vend is you are able to grow and change with the support of the Vend team. The ability to grow, move and move again with ease, in the one place, is unique and perfect for my small business.”

– ROBYN‘Mugwa Cottage’

“VEND has been a great opportunity that has allowed me to grow my art career and has opened up so many other opportunities within my business.”

– CHRIS‘Chris Riley Art’

“I love being part of a community of local independent business owners. The VEND team are fantastic, very customer focused and always available to assist customers and vendors alike.”

– Heidi‘Cocoa Shiraz’