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          8:00AM - 4:00PM

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          Monday - Sunday

          7:00AM - 3:00PM

Application Criteria

Vend Marketplace Store Items for Sale
Vend Marketplace Store Items for Sale
Vend Marketplace Store Items for Sale

At VEND we aim to support the growth of local small businesses while having a unique range of shops for our customers.

VEND is the perfect platform that allows creative’s, artisan and small businesses to establish themselves as a brand through their own 7 day a week brick and mortar store! The business model at VEND allows our shop owners to set up their shop without having to man it 7 days a week. This allows our businesses to continue to grow their brand in other ways while having a full time shop. Our shop owners can continue to work on their online presence, grow their following through social media platforms, direct traffic to their VEND shop, grow products, continue to create/make etc.

It is an exciting venture to branch out and have your very own shop, but don’t be scared we are here to support you. We have set up VEND so not only do we have various sized shops but we also have dedicated table and cabinet spaces for those starting out. Our aim is that our beginner vendors that start out in a cabinet or table space grow their business here at VEND to the point that they can then transition into their own shop space!

We offer FREE one on one business development for any vendor that requests it! During these sessions we go through, pricing, marketing, average dollar sales, merchandising, shop set up, branding and more! We have found these personal business development meetings extremely beneficial to our vendors. At VEND we also offer guidance and help during the initial set up staged of your shop


VEND is a 7 day a week retail space. It is different to pop up weekend market. We aim to grow businesses so they become sustainable in a retail setting and allow the business owner the freedom to grow their business in other areas without having to man their shop. We are looking for start up and established businesses that are ready to have their own retail space without the overheads of a commercial space and current store front businesses that would like a cheaper alternative to having their own stand alone space.


  • Unique products
  • A stand out idea/product that is different to others
  • Creative artisans, designers and creators
  • Professional presentation of brand
  • Commitment to growing your business
  • A strong social media presence or commitment to growing your social media presence through  both Instagram and Facebook with daily posts
  • Ability to create an aesthetically appealing shop space with products merchandised to sell


  • Applicants must provide social media links (we will be using these to assess your businesses  suitability to VEND)
  • A website for your business is not a must but is beneficial as we do link your shop on our  website to your businesses website to increase online sales for you!
  • You must have an ABN
  • Whether your application is successful or not will be based on your level of  professionalism, vision to grow and creativity
  • You will receive an automated reply once you have completed the application form
  • If you are successful we will be contacted and added to our waiting list and you will be  notified when we have a shop available